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Tetras - Technical Information

Asynchronous, Up to 106 Peptides of variable scales and chemistries can be synthesized at the same time

  • Use of Separate, Disposable Reactors Eliminates Cross-Contamination
  • Small Reactors (106 Total Simultaneous)
    • 3 - 4 mL Working Volume
    • 30 μmol to 100 μmol
    • 10 mg up to 300 mg (Depending on Resin)
  • Medium Reactors (35 Total Simultaneous)
    • 25 mL Working Volume
    • 100 μmol to 500 μmol
    • 100 mg up to 1000 mg (Depending on Resin)
  • Large Reactors (21 Total Simultaneous)
    • 40 ml working volume
    • 250 μmol up to 1000 μmol
    • 500 mg up to 3000 mg (Depending on Resin)

Up to 32 Completely Separate Injection Stations

  • Digitally Controlled Metering Pumps
  • Each can be either Internally (250 mL Bottle) or Externally (No volume Limit) Supplied
    • Standard Compliment of 8 External, 24 Internal but fully customizable to any customer requirements.
      • Externally Supplied Stations Draw from Fluid Supplies through a 1/8” OD Hard Walled Tube no more than 5’ distance from the Tetras.
      • Internally Supplied Stations Draw Fluids from A Needle / Septa Interface
        • 250 mL Bottle
  • Accurate Dispense Volumes down to .05ml
  • Maximum Dispense Rate = 25 mL / Minute
  • All Stations are Compatible with Amino Acids, Solvents, and Reagents
  • Fluid Paths are Constantly Monitored for Leaks through use of Optical

4 Purge Stations

  • Deliver Inert Gas to Empty Reaction Wells of Fluids

Volo Option

  • Purge Stations Deliver DMF / NMP in Addition to Nitrogen for Extremely Fast Wash Cycles
  • Increases Machine Speed by 45% with a Minimum Number of 40 Peptides Running Simultaneously


  • Glass Doors Equipped with Safety Interlock System
  • Machine Stops When Doors are Opened

TetrasUI Software

  • Preloaded Protocols
  • Customizable, User-Defined Protocols  
    • Create your Own based on Chemistry Preferences
    • Each Peptide, up to 106) can use Separate Protocols During the Same Synthesis
  • Add or Remove Peptides at will
    • As Peptides are Completed, the Tetras can be Paused Momentarily for Removal of any Completed Peptides
    • New Peptides are Added to the Current Run in the Same Way.
  • E-Mail Notifications on Syntheses States
  • Chemical Checklist
    • Calculates Volumes and Weights for all Synthesis Materials


  • 1 Nitrogen Supply Inlet, ¼” OD Tube Ready
  • Gauges Display both psi and kPa
  • 4” Adaptor for Vent Connection

Optional Vent Blower

  • For Fume Removal where Venting Systems are Weak

Tetras Synthesizer

Tetras Synthesizer